Flow House | Splash Zone Water Park | Jersey Shore Water Park | Wildwood, NJ

Flow Rider

Surf the 40-foot continuous wave on FlowRider, Wildwood’s only surfing attraction. The FlowRider double brings the surf inland for some non-stop body board action. Guests can show off their boarding moves or kick back and enjoy the show.

Rivys River | Splash Zone Water Park | Jersey Shore Water Park | Wildwood, NJ

Rivy’s River

Looking for a little R and R? Soak up the sights and sounds of Wildwood’s famous boardwalk as you float on an inner tube in this gently flowing river that meanders through the park.

Giant Bucket | Splash Zone Water Park | Jersey Shore Water Park | Wildwood, NJ

The Giant Bucket

The bell sounds… the bucket tips… the crowd shrieks with anticipation… you’re about to get up-close and personal with four tons of wet refreshment! Every three minutes, 1,000 gallons of water come tumbling down from Splash Zone’s one-of-a-kind Giant Bucket, making a splash on Giggle Bay. Get under it – or get out of the way!

The Abyss water ride

The Abyss

Take this quick exciting express body flume from the second level of Hurricane Island and plunge into the refreshing cool water below! Ask the lifeguard to show you how to power-up your speed… and fly!

Slippery Chutes

Even the youngest ones will make a big splash as they enjoy our two newest slides! Perfect for parents to help their kids conquer their first ride on the slides.

Hurricane Island

1,000 gallons of splashing good fun! Waiting for the giant bucket to fill is a blast in Hurricane Island’s massive play structure. Here, children (or the child in you) are in control of their own fun, climbing across bridges, maneuvering up and down nets, pulling ropes, twisting valves and turning handles that unleash geysers, fountains and sprays. From Hurricane Island you can enter any one of 3 multi-level slides then twist, turn and plunge into the cool water.

The Terminator water ride

The Terminator

Acceleration to exhilaration! Climb to the heights and torpedo your way to the finish. What a rush!

Speed Dominator

The Speed Dominator

Feed your need for speed! Just how fast can you get through this exciting, fast-action body flume? Clock yourself to compete for the fastest time of the day.

Beast of the East | Splash Zone Water Park | Jersey Shore Water Park | Wildwood, NJ

Beast of the East

Combine spectacular views of the park, boardwalk and the beach with intense, super soaking thrills as you twist, turn and soar through the whitewater rapids of The Beast of The East, the only 5-person raft ride on the east coast!

Hydro Zone | Splash Zone Water Park | Jersey Shore Water Park | Wildwood, NJ

Hydro Zone

Ready, Aim, FIRE! Get ’em wet! Splash Zone has a giant arsenal of water cannons, squirters, mini dumping buckets and other fun interactive attractions.

Zoe Zone

Specifically designed for infants and toddlers, this area features shallow water, gentle geysers and soft play equipment. It’s a great place for parents to play with smaller children.

Close Encounters

Exclusive to Splash Zone Water Park! Take a ride through our newest slide – a totally enclosed tube!

The Creamator

Make a BIG splash! The faster you go, the bigger your splash! The lifeguard will show you how to maximize the experience as you rifle down this speedy body flume.

Free Falls

High-velocity fun! The Falls await… lie back and enjoy the ride, watching the world zip by!

Slide Winder

Slide, swirl, spiral and PLUNGE! The Slide Winder is a 373 foot open-air single or double rider tube slide.