School Programs / Non-Profit Programs

Slide Into Savings with Splash Zone Water Park’s Fundraiser Program!

This has got to be the easiest way to earn money for your school, team, PTA, club or other non-profit organization. Simply accept our tickets on a consignment basis (no money is required up-front), then sell them for a profit of up to $18.00 per ticket. Your supporters enjoy a fabulous discount while you earn $$$ for your organization.

All-Day Water Park Passes can be purchased for only $14.00 per ticket (and they never expire). This is the best offer at Splash Zone—an incredible discount off the All-Day retail price!

All fundraising must take place prior to Splash Zone’s operating season.

And it’s so easy—just one person can administer the program. Splash Zone supplies you with all the promotional material and order forms you need.

If fundraising is not an option, we have group rates for schools – Click HERE for group rate info.

So sign up today by calling (609) 729-5600, x200 or by emailing us.